Watch: Damar Jackson Explores Love, Lust & Racism in “Everything” Video


Love can drive you wild with passion and just as insane with pain. Right when you think you have love under control, it spirals out of your grasp and the outcome can be disastrous. Rising R&B artist Damar Jackson explores this very theme in his new video for “Everything,” off his Unfaithful album. Set to the tune of a piano caressed track and stripped down soundscape, D.J. let’s his sidepiece know how much she is adored, amid the pressing issue of dealing with his main girl. “You make me feel the way that she don’t girl,” he sings. “You give me everything that she won’t girl.”

“‘Everything’ is a song about a certain person that was rocking wit’ me while I was going through a real toxic relationship,” says Jackson. “Everything I couldn’t talk to my girl about, I could talk to this other girl about. We ended up being close but my loyalty was still to my girl. So I never told anybody about this one special girl that was there for me. The passion in this song shows how much you can connect with somebody but still love someone else.”

The video, however, begins with a scene that many people of color can say they have dealt with, blatant racism in an establishment that goes unchecked. “This video takes you through real life situations in Louisiana. How racism is still alive and how we deal with violence within our own communities,” adds Damar.

Having the two dueling themes of love and race issues visually clash makes for a mix of emotions while watching the visual. The director, Cinemadona, works the angles just right to get the story across on screen. Yet, that love triangle still tugs at your core when you hear the pain in Damar’s main girl’s voice. “We don’t have many resources, so we love real hard and take loyalty very serious,” he says. “You will see how I spend a lot of time with the person that I can’t be with. We share moments that allow us to grow but loyalty keeps me with the one I started with.”

Check out the video above and look for Damar Jackson on tour right now with YFN Lucci.

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