Watch: Jorja Smith Performs “Blue Lights” on ‘COLORS’


Jorja Smith on COLORS! Yes, Jorja Smith is the latest artist to grace the ‘COLORS’ stage!

Prior to performing this past weekend at Coachella, the beloved singer was in Germany where she took it back to the beginning, with a soul-stirring performance of her viral hit, “Blue Lights.”

Taking a cue from the title it clearly had to be a blue stage for the voluptuous vocalist who delivered an intoxicating rendition of the song that launched her career. Displaying great poise and control, the 20-year-old songstress nonchalantly rode the boom-bap track. The stark content of the song is subdued under Jorja’s raw talent but one deep interpretation of the lyrics and its abundantly clear that she is wise beyond her years.

“Gun crime into your right ear / Drugs and violence into your left,” she sings. “Default white headphones flooding the auditory / Subconscious waves you accept / You’re sitting on the 4 back home / ‘Where you at, G? Answer your phone!’/ Pause the poison to answer his message / Your boy sounds rushed, fears for his adolescence.”

Jorja Smith will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” next and is prepping for the release of her much-anticipated debut album, which is expected this year.

Watch her stunning performance on ‘COLORS’ below.

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