Rising Songstress Teamarrr Releases “The One” Video


It has been nearly a year since rising singer-songwriter Teamarrr released her buzz-worthy debut project Thanks for the Chapstick. Now, before she enters the next era in her musical therapy, the songstress debuts an artsy visual for her heart-wrenching song “The One.”

Gold symbols fill the video including a trumpet, balloons and paint. Tea is found painting on her floor with multiple colors while a tale of unreciprocated love is played out in additional scenes. Her love interest is an unassuming player, who appears to be unable to commit to any one woman.

Tea’s honest storytelling is a shining outlier through the painful discovery of his inability to see her as ‘the one,’ which paired with her jazzy vocals is hypnotizing.

Speaking about the song’s inspiration she explains, “During this time in my life I was desperately trying to be ‘the one’ for a boy who saw everyone but me,” she says. “’til I realized I was the only one who needed to see me, so the more I kept telling myself ‘I’m not the one’ for him, the freer I got from the idea of trying to become something to please someone, when becoming myself and loving myself is all I needed in the first place.”

Check out the video above and for more info on Teamarrr watch our exclusive interview here.

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