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Listen: RĀI Releases Authentic R&B Album with ‘Love’s On The Way’


RĀI, (pronounced Ray) is a newcomer infusing elements of both new and traditional R&B to create chill, unassuming timeless music. The Harlem based singer-songwriter intentionally blends old school soul with new school flair. His debut album Love’s On The Way is a reminder that authentic R&B thrives. A native of South Carolina, RĀI’s southern charm shines as he sings about loving others while reminding you to love yourself.

The project was executive produced by RĀI and Brandon Jon. RĀI wrote or co-wrote most of the album. The songwriting and recording process was personal for him. With the exception of spending time with other musicians, RĀI isolated himself for a year and a half, engrossing himself into creating his album. “Music is my calling and purpose,” he says. “Writing and producing this album gives me the chance to be a conduit of love in the work. It’s R&B, but it’s my contribution of spreading positivity into this world.”

Filled with mature musings about relationships, surrounded by sensual soundscapes, this collection of true R&B is the perfect playlist for a romantic date night. It’s also a soundtrack for living with intention. The title track “Love’s on the Way” is meant to inspire perseverance through the process of finding the person that’s meant for you. On the opening track, “Here I Am” RĀI sings with confidence over a funky jazz infused groove. “Here I am, welcome to the show,” he sings. “If you didn’t know, now you know / Every part of me for the world to see.” It reminds us that no matter what we have been through in our lives, we should be who we are and pursue our dreams.

After shedding the chaos of corporate America, RĀI is ready to shape his corner in the industry.

“I am a singer who grew up loving how R&B music changed the world and made people feel,” he shared. “My music is the truest expression of who I am today. I am trying to create music that people will want to hear next year or the year after that and after that. I am committed to making good music that’s true to who I am.”

Love’s On The Way is available on iTunes and all digital music stores and streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify now. You can get it on his website or stream below via Soundcloud. Also, check out the music videos for the title track, and prior single “Back To Life.”

For more info on RĀI visit www.therealrai.com and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @raimusicworld.

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