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New Music: THEY. – Pops


In light of Father’s Day weekend, make sure to give L.A.-based duo THEY. and their newly released single “Pops,” an unhurried listen-through as you continue your counts of appreciations over a loving guardian.

The song knits together a full-circle moment of what was once a strenuous father-son relationship. The song pieces together nicely, heartfelt stages of the narrator’s life as the beginning verse recalls a very resentful period.

“I get my drinking from my daddy / Used to kick the wisdom while he sipped up on his Brandy,” sings Drew Love. “Some days I would scream, ‘I can’t stand you’ / And then he slip up say he wished he never had me.”

And verse two, is met with reconciliation as the maturation process has brought about remorse for the events that went down in verse one. “Been a minute since I visit, hate to see you getting old / And I wished I never blamed you for the things you didn’t know / Sometimes I wish I still had you to keep me on my toes.”

Drew Love, the singer of the producer-singer tandem, had the following to say about the song’s sentiments:

“My dad is my hero – We got into it a lot and continuously butted heads as I grew older, and there are days I wish I didn’t push away from him the way I did. I think something I’ve recently grown to understand with maturity is that he and I were so alike, both in our pridefulness and our shadowed insecurities. I definitely didn’t make it easy on my dad, and I always felt like he and my mother didn’t believe in what I truly wanted to do in life. He always provided for my mother, brother and I, and always had my back when I was in trouble – the way I’d like to be for my family one day. Pops, I can only hope to someday exemplify your patience, wisdom, and success.”

Check out the song below:

-Written by Connor Ki-Noh

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