Johnny Rain Releases Thrilling New Video & Single “Happy Camper”


Singer, songwriter, producer Johnny Rain unveils a gripping new visual for his latest single “Happy Camper,” off his forthcoming album Idol Blue.

On the new record, Rain croons of the amorous, yet all-consuming feeling that comes with a deeply rooted first love – describing himself as drowning in the thought of her that has invaded his mind. The song proves to combine his traditional morose lyricism and blend of myriad of sounds and styles that bring him beyond the genre of conventional R&B.

The video’s mysterious mood and ethereal atmosphere is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s infamous “Thriller” music video, opening to the scene of Rain floating before the moon with glowing white eyes. He then takes us back to earth flashing back to the day he fell in love with this woman who’s taken complete control of his every thought.

During a rough 2014 that found him uninspired, Johnny Rain took a 2-year hiatus from releasing music to build and develop his label ODD DREAM. Now, Johnny is back and working on his new album Idol Blue that has allowed him the platform needed to transform from a word-of-mouth newcomer, to an artistic pioneer.

“My music has changed and evolved during these past two years since I last dropped something,” says Rain. “I’m always trying new sounds and such. Plus, I think my music is forever changing, because life is forever changing. and my music has always been a reflection of my life.”

In March, Rain released his first two singles “Seventeen” and “Peach”, off his upcoming project Idol Blue due out later this summer, also accompanied by a strong dual visual for the records.

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