Watch: Mýa Premieres New Video “Damage”


Currently on a national and international tour, Grammy-winning singer Mýa took a detour to MTV’s TRL on Monday to world premiere her new video, “Damage.”

Directed, produced, choreographed, edited and styled by well-known dancer and choreographer to the stars, Galen Hooks, “Damage” is the third music video and the fourth single from Mýa’s album new album T.K.O.

“Damage is about taking risks, stepping into new territory regardless of the outcome,” shares Mýa. “This thing we call love has always been tricky and as beautiful as it can be, we can potentially lose ourselves in it. With the good often comes the bad. That’s life and it’s scary. But the song expresses that with an intense passion & yearning, I’m willing to risk it all for that special one who sets my soul and desire on fire, despite the potential damage it may bring.”

Celebrating her 20th anniversary in music this year, Mýa reflects on her journey. “It’s truly been an amazing, educational and humbling journey these past 20 years in the music business and I am truly grateful for every experience, encounter and everyone who has been a part of this ride,” she notes. “My passion and love for music has never been greater and I can assure you, I am just getting started and the best of me has yet to come!”

Check out the video for “Damage” below.

Mya Damage Single

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