10 Brandy Songs That Prove Why She Deserves The Title Of “The Vocal Bible”


The old saying states, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it” and no artist embodies this better than Brandy Norwood. Dubbed “The Vocal Bible,” Brandy has an incredible catalogue filled with many glorious vocal moments that singers have been attempting to duplicate for years. And it’s not just that Brandy has “good” runs. It’s the fact that she has the ability to execute them intricately with both precision and speed. It’s also not just that she can harmonize. It’s how she arranges her harmonies in a way that is only rivaled by artists like Enya or Janet Jackson. 

Brandy approaches her backgrounds like an instrumentalist with moving parts interwoven to create what could only be described as a vocal symphony. And while her distinct tone is always a focal point,  it’s the way she doubles her voice in the studio to create a new vocal style that is all her own. Her capability to manipulate her timbre is uncanny. Being able to employ a youthful like quality in her voice on songs like “Come A Little Closer” and then command a mature and raspy tone on a song like “Say You Will.”  the singer’s artistry of pushing her voice to its further potential — particularly in her mid and lower register — gives here the right to be called “The Vocal Bible.” And even when we think we’ve heard everything she has to offer, she finds a new color of her voice to explore and share with us.

Whether it’s the upper range she displayed on  “Human,” the raw, evocative rasp of “Afrodisiac”, or the icy swag of “Two Eleven,” Brandy finds new ways to expand her vocal palette every album while retaining a core sound that is uniquely her own. Not sure what we mean? Here are 10 songs where Brandy proves why her title as   ”The Vocal Bible” is deserved.


“Beggin & Pleadin” (2016)

After the January 2016 premiere of her BET show “Zoe Ever After,” Brandy surprised her fans by releasing the stand alone single, “Beggin & Pleadin.” The release received universal acclaim from fans and peers such as  Sam Smith, Jessie J, Leann Rimes, and Missy Elliott. Inspired by the style of Margie Hendrix, the song is a juxtapose of old school blues with trap and can be seen as a precursor to the country trap sound that would be made famous by Lil Nas X with “Old Time Road.” Brandy has stated that she felt proud and “empowered” by her vocal performance  on this song.


“Acapella (Something’s Missing)” (“Human” — 2008)

What do you get when Brandy does a full song using only her voice to create it — similar to a one woman contestant on “The Sing-Off?” An absolute masterpiece.


“Deliver Me” — Sir the Baptist feat. Brandy (“Saint or Sinner” — 2017)

Brandy and then-boyfriend Sir The Baptist teamed up to create this heartfelt tune about domestic abuse. Singing from the perspective of a deacon’s wife who is being abused by her husband and is receiving no help from the churchgoers who are aware, but do nothing to help. Brandy’s vocals in this song spans the full range of her voice. 

“Deliver Me” shows what Brandy does best: connecting to a song and displaying that emotion vocally. She didn’t sing this song, she “sang” this song. Bending notes, manipulating her tone, and altering words to add a gospel flare, this single only proved how well Brandy is in tune with the idiosyncrasies needed to bring a song to life.  She also sings some of her highest recorded notes here, too.


“Like This” (“Full Moon” — 2002)

A masterclass on adlibs and runs, “Like This” has long been a fan favorite from her classic “Full Moon” album.


“I Thought” (“Full Moon” — 2002)

Brandy’s “Full Moon” album displayed her full vocal transition from a teen to a young woman. When she belts out “You proved your love to me” at the start of the second verse, it is clear that the soft, girlish Brandy of “Never Say Never” was long gone. The ad libs at the end of this track are some of her best as she belts in full voice repeatedly. 

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  1. BRyan 5 years ago

    There is no one like BRANDY

  2. Mo 5 years ago

    I love me some Brandy! She can sang! I have every album, and they all are great! Her unreleased songs are amazing, too! Like the songs “List” and “Follow Me”! Ugh, she ATE! Oh, and “Focus”! The way she approached this song is just freakin’ genius! There are many more! Love her! Waiting on the new album! Lol

  3. 4everShelton 5 years ago

    This was an amazing article and it truly gave light in my opinion as to why Brandy is indeed the vocal bible! Perfect song choices with in-depth explanations to what role it played in creating the moniker “The Vocal Bible”

  4. Stephen 5 years ago

    Brandy really deserves the vocal Bible.

    Such a pity she’s so underrated.

  5. Mischallelean Carter 5 years ago

    Awesome article…… yes Brandy has always been a vocal beast….she shows growth each year!!!! She deserves more attention than what she’s been getting….

  6. Arah 5 years ago

    She’s one of my most favorite music artists. I’ve long been enticed with how artistic and technical she does her vocal layering. This, the Vocal Bible is a well deserved royal title.

  7. NARS 5 years ago

    My best, owns my music world. highest number of song by an artiste on my phone. Sure love her❤️

  8. Jonna Björnheden 5 years ago

    Been a fan since 1998. My absolute favourites are ”Angel in disguise” and ”What about us” LOVE LOVE LOVE. Come to Sweden/Danmark 😩😻

  9. Dayna 5 years ago

    I love Brandy! “It’s not worth it” from Full Moon and “Angel in Disguise ” are my favorites! Her vocal abilities are beautiful and unique!

  10. glen Lovemore 5 years ago

    she is a star

  11. Stephen A. 5 years ago

    Great article, Brandy has some great song covers that she has done as well…

    MAGIC (Coldplay cover) – https://soundcloud.com/kiddstarr-1/brandy-magic-1
    Scared of Beatiful (Frank Ocean cover)

    ..for me the one song that come on anything time that I would sing in full would be ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’.


  12. RT 5 years ago

    BRocka is a vocal beast, vocal slayer and The Vocal Bible. It’s no surprise as Whitney was her fairy God mother. She’s forever the 1 and my fav.

  13. KSNOw 5 years ago

    Brandy is my favorite singer, Im surprised Angel in Disguise was not on this list. It is my favorite!

  14. ADAJI CAPEL JULIET 4 years ago

    This simply is a well deserved title. She is the real definition of a “voice from heaven”. Her vocals , her songs are outta the world. She’s been my best, still is my best and forever would be. I sleep, feed and live in her songs. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 You Are A Gift To The Earth Brandy💜💚💛❤️🧡💜💙🖤

  15. Ty 4 years ago

    Great article.Well researched on the one and only Brandy. So good to see her get her flowers now

  16. Simba 4 years ago

    So many amazing songs to mention that showcase her vocal ability. Take Me Back is an unreleased gem that truly stays with you the moment you hear it. Its velvety texture caresses your eardrums in a way that leaves a permanent love mark

  17. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Vocal bible???? What? I mean she’s had some nice songs, but vocal bible. Let’s not kid ourselves. Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Anita, Patti, Yolanda, there are people you would consider vocal bibles. Brandy is nowhere in this range.

  18. Myron 4 years ago

    Vocal bible???? What? I mean she’s had some nice songs, but vocal bible. Let’s not kid ourselves. Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Anita, Patti, Yolanda, there are people you would consider vocal bibles. Brandy is nowhere in this range.

  19. DP 4 years ago

    Yeah, I have to echo the comment above. “Vocal Bible” is ridiculous when you have vocalists like Aretha having walked the earth. Brandy had great production and some great songs but folks are getting carried away with that description.

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