10 Brandy Songs That Prove Why She Deserves The Title Of “The Vocal Bible”


 “Brokenhearted” (“Brandy” — 1994)

Brandy revealed that at the tender age of 14, she recorded this song in one take. That in and of itself is astounding, but the reason why is hilarious. She wanted to go to Six Flags with her friends, but the song’s producer said she couldn’t leave until she finished recording. You can hear the passion and pain well beyond her years in the original album version of the song. It was later released as the fourth single from her self-titled debut as a duet with Boyz II Men frontman, Wanya Morris. The single reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. 


“Slower” (“Two Eleven” — 2012)

This Chris Brown and Sevyn Streeter penned song showed off a previously unheard sexy and sultry Brandy. Her vocal performance oozed provocativeness and confidence on the Diplo produced track. Her run at 1:12…enough said.


“Have You Ever?” (“Never Say Never” — 1998)

Arguably Brandy’s signature ballad, the Diane Warren penned classic sees her sing with conviction about unrequited love. Filled with the “money notes” that defined a ‘90s ballad, Brandy delivered and gave a tear jerking performance. According to Brandy, she viewed the song as a challenge for her due to her voice still developing. Her hard work, however, paid off as the song would go on to become her first solo number one on the Billboard Hot 100


“Without You” (“Two Eleven” — 2012)

What makes this record so great is that it spotlights Brandy’s voice without her trademark backgrounds. It reminded the listener that even without her layered vocal style, Brandy was still able to deliver powerful vocals as she belted throughout the hook.


“Perfect Love” (2010)

Taking center stage on this previously unreleased acoustic gem, Brandy’s incomparable voice shines all the way through  Though not featured on an album, “Perfect Love” would have been the perfect single for a movie soundtrack. She infuses her R&B roots with the acoustic guitar driven song and the result is divine.


Honorary Mentions: 

“Nothing” (“Full Moon” — 2002)


“Baby” (“Brandy” — 1994) 


“Necessary” (“Afrodisiac” — 2004) 


“Camouflage” (“Human” — 2008)


What are your favorite Brandy tracks ? Are there any songs would you include? Let us know below.


  1. BRyan 10 months ago

    There is no one like BRANDY

  2. Mo 10 months ago

    I love me some Brandy! She can sang! I have every album, and they all are great! Her unreleased songs are amazing, too! Like the songs “List” and “Follow Me”! Ugh, she ATE! Oh, and “Focus”! The way she approached this song is just freakin’ genius! There are many more! Love her! Waiting on the new album! Lol

  3. 4everShelton 10 months ago

    This was an amazing article and it truly gave light in my opinion as to why Brandy is indeed the vocal bible! Perfect song choices with in-depth explanations to what role it played in creating the moniker “The Vocal Bible”

  4. Stephen 10 months ago

    Brandy really deserves the vocal Bible.

    Such a pity she’s so underrated.

  5. Mischallelean Carter 10 months ago

    Awesome article…… yes Brandy has always been a vocal beast….she shows growth each year!!!! She deserves more attention than what she’s been getting….

  6. Arah 10 months ago

    She’s one of my most favorite music artists. I’ve long been enticed with how artistic and technical she does her vocal layering. This, the Vocal Bible is a well deserved royal title.

  7. NARS 10 months ago

    My best, owns my music world. highest number of song by an artiste on my phone. Sure love her❤️

  8. Jonna Björnheden 10 months ago

    Been a fan since 1998. My absolute favourites are ”Angel in disguise” and ”What about us” LOVE LOVE LOVE. Come to Sweden/Danmark 😩😻

  9. Dayna 10 months ago

    I love Brandy! “It’s not worth it” from Full Moon and “Angel in Disguise ” are my favorites! Her vocal abilities are beautiful and unique!

  10. glen Lovemore 10 months ago

    she is a star

  11. Stephen A. 9 months ago

    Great article, Brandy has some great song covers that she has done as well…

    MAGIC (Coldplay cover) – https://soundcloud.com/kiddstarr-1/brandy-magic-1
    Scared of Beatiful (Frank Ocean cover)

    ..for me the one song that come on anything time that I would sing in full would be ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’.


  12. RT 9 months ago

    BRocka is a vocal beast, vocal slayer and The Vocal Bible. It’s no surprise as Whitney was her fairy God mother. She’s forever the 1 and my fav.

  13. KSNOw 6 months ago

    Brandy is my favorite singer, Im surprised Angel in Disguise was not on this list. It is my favorite!

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