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13 Of The Best Beyonce Videos


It’s no secret that Beyoncé is one of the most talented artists of this generation. With over 20 years experience of kicking down industry doors, the aptly titled Queen Bey has accomplished feats that not even some of the greats of past generations have been to do. And while her strong vocal abilities and show-stopping performances are what keep people coming back for more time after time, it wouldn’t be right not to acknowledge her incredible talent when it comes to being on camera.

From her days as the front woman for Destiny’s Child to hating the road as a solo artist, Beyoncé has given us influential style and visual perfection in just about every video she’s released for her songs. Although there are way too many that could make this list, we took a look at some of her best videos as a solo artist and created a quick roundup to help celebrate her 38th birthday.

In no particular order, here are 13 of Beyoncé’s best videos to date.


“Work It Out” (2002)

Released as the lead single from the soundtrack to 2002’s “Austin Powers in Goldmember” film, “Work It Out” delivered a funky and retro style video to match the track. Produced by The Neptunes, “Work It Out” is often forgotten about when it comes to Beyoncé’s videos, but definitely deserves some shine.


“Check On It” (2005)

Though “Check On It” isn’t a super spectacular video, the dancing paired alongside the singer’s luscious looks give it a spot on this list.


“Ring the Alarm” (2006)

If “Ring the Alarm” isn’t in your list of favorite videos from Beyoncé, are you really even a fan? Directed by Sophie Muller and choreographed by then 16-year-old Teyana Taylor, this video delivers fashion, fire, and fury all in one.


“Baby Boy” (2003)

Filmed in Miami, the Sean Paul-assisted visual was a sensual step into the new direction that Beyoncé would go in as a star. And who can forget the sexy dance break she gave us toward the end?

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