June's Diary - I Ain't With It

June’s Diary Releases Video For “I Ain’t With It”


June’s Diary is officially back and what better way to show their growth than with a fire new video? Released in 2019, the song — titled “I Ain’t With It” — was found on their two-song EP Take Your Time and although they have been doing just that, the result has been worth the time away.

Now an independent group, the quintet — which is made up of Ashly, Kristal, Brienna, Shyann and Gabby — is ready to take the world by storm. Showing off their free and playful sides in this colorful video, the five women throw caution to the wind as they sing about their expectations in each one of their relationships. Noted as their first co-written song as a group, “I Ain’t With It” is a sultry release that deserves its props. And, if this is indicator of what we can expect from their upcoming releases — both audio and visually — we’re definitely with it.

Take a look below.

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