Bilal - Enough Is All I Need

Bilal Makes His Return With “Enough Is All I Need”


Schooled musician and dynamic live performer Bilal makes his return to music after a five year break. Drawing his legendary artistry from jazz, soul, and hip-hop influences, the singer returns with a song that sounds as soulful and melodious as the other singles in his discography. “Enough Is All I Need” begins with the guitar-led instrumentation that draws listeners in. Taking control of everything on the track — including his vocal texture, pace, rhythm, and other elements — Bilal managed to create a pleasing sonic experience.

Other than the chorus, another interesting part in the song is the soulful bridge, which leads to the outro. The bridge sounds so sweet one would assume it is the hook of another song. He emphasizes in the bridge, “I don’t wanna lose this time with you” as he addresses a lover.

The tune is the theme song for In God I Trust an Indie film that stars Bilal and depicts the encounter between a black man and a white nationalist. The video for the song is simple and features the singer performing the song in different places that leads to a grand performance with a band on a rooftop.

Check out his visual return below:

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