H.E.R. Lays Out New Single “Comfortable”


Following an electric performance at the 62 Annual Grammy Awards, H.E.R. isn’t letting up. The soulful songstress is back with another gripping single called “Comfortable.”

The name of the song makes you feel just that…comfortable. The simple, acoustic sounding track deploys H.E.R.’s beautifully soft vocals and a hint of reverb.

In her soft approach, she sings: “Lay your head on my pillow / say, ooh-ooh, oh / touch is making me feel a way, ooh-ooh / when I get around you I lose it, lose it / ‘cause I feel so comfortable with you…”

“Comfortable” is the perfect single for, and will appear on, the soundtrack for “The Photograph,” a movie starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield. The movie is set to drop on Valentine’s Day.

At the Grammy’s, where she was nominated for five awards, H.E.R. debuted another new single, “Sometimes,” in a riveting guitar-laced set. Could that hint towards a new project this year?

We’ll see but in the meantime check out her latest offering below:

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