PJ Morton & JoJo Release Acoustic Version of Grammy Winning Single “Say So”


Fresh off their Grammy win for Best R&B song, PJ Morton and JoJo gift us with a new acoustic version of their hit duet “Say So.” Now let’s be honest, it is practically impossible for these two vocalist to give a bad performance, but to not highlight the vocal chemistry between these two would be a huge public disservice.

JoJo reminds everyone why she is one of the most underrated vocalist in her generation as she effortless glides through intricate and complex runs that still only scratch the surface of her expansive range. As a seasoned professional, she avoids the pitfall of over singing by knowing just where to place her ad-libs and runs while being careful not to overpower PJ with her impressive instrument. Vocally, PJ Morton is equally a force on his own. His smooth, velvet voice is both expressive and agile. He is a much needed voice in the male R&B world.

Together, the two blend perfectly like your favorite coffee and creamer. The balance in their dynamics, the way they both take turns in the forefront, and the way they are connected to the lyrical content show why these two are a masterclass when it comes to musicianship. “Say So (Acoustic)” is featured on PJ Morton’s new EP The Piano Album due February 14th.

Check out their brilliant performance below:

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