Tiffany Red - Movin On

Tiffany Red Releases Anti-Valentine’s Day Anthem “Movin’ On”


Ready to cut ties with your lover, but just not quite sure how to do it? Tiffany Red‘s newest release can help. Titled “Movin’ On,” the ’80s influenced track hears the songstress letting her lover know that it’s time for her to do just that.

Backed by minimal instruments, the little over three minute single flips the script on the typical love song that you would play or listen to on Valentine’s Day. Singing out, “I’m movin’ on and I hope you do the same / Think it’s bout that time to let it go / I’m movin’ on / Think it’s time to right this wrong / So I wrote this song to let you know,” the latest release from her catalog is the perfect breakup song that describes the feelings that occur before a split.

So, if you’re in need of a way to kick your lover to the curb, here’s one to help you.

Take a listen below.

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