Emerging artist LUVK drops edgy single “Dead Wrong”


If you’re looking for some edgy new music, you’re in luck. Emerging songstress LUVK (pronounced luck) is making a name for herself as a multi-faceted artist fusing R&B and Rock & Roll. Look no further than her latest single “Dead Wrong,” which she released with an accompanying visual.

“Dead Wrong” has a gritty, guitar-laced rock beat complemented by LUVK’s strong vocals and biting lyrics. She unapologetically sings:

“Now you won’t take my heart and run / you keep fu*kin up I’m done / I’m no ride or die it’s wrong / not gone end my life for lust / you wont save me how could you.”

The visual, set in a snowy forest with sharp ice and a scenic mountainous backdrop, represents “the breaking point of a beautiful toxic relationship.”

LUVK is also part of a musical team comprised of her sister, Raven, and go-to producer, VenessaMichaels. The three make up The Bop Crew, and all worked to help create LUVK’s forthcoming debut album, It Wasn’t Luck, set for release in April.


The Bop Crew – courtesy Andy Sheffield


But in the meantime, rock out with “Dead Wrong” below:

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