Josh + Angelica - Quarantine Boo

Video Premiere: Josh & Angelica Bias– “Quarantine Boo”


Husband and wife duo Josh and Angelica Bias have finally released the official video for their amazing COVID-19 inspired new single, “Quarantine Boo.” The song has been on repeat since we premiered it back in April. The video elevates our love for the song because it perfectly encapsulates every sentiment the song evokes upon first listen. Featuring a compilation of videos from family, fans and friends, the video is a joy to watch from start to finish.

When discussing the inspiration behind the song and video, they said “When we were writing this song, we wanted to create a record that talked about being quarantined with your significant other. When we shot the video, we made sure to highlight black love, quarantined black love. With so much necessary focus on racism in America, we wanted to use this video to highlight Black Joy & Black Love!”

Watch the premiere of “Quarantine Boo” below:


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