Multi-talented artist Gene Noble releases his second single “Matching Tattoos” from his anticipated forthcoming EP. How apropos that it drops on National Tattoo Day. Written by Gene Noble and Chino Stringss, it is a decisive soulful R&B track that highlights his vocal range and distinct melodic gifts.

“I was glad I didn’t get a matching tattoo anytime when I was asked. What feels so permanent in a moment can turn out to be so temporary. The song is telling the story of trying to get over the relationship and being glad there isn’t another hurdle while sorta maybe wishing they did get the tattoos.”- Gene Noble

Prior to venturing out on his solo career, Noble was already a revered songwriter for, and toured with artists such as Sting, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Usher, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and others. His first single, “Too Many Lost” is an emotionally relevant and impactful record that speaks to the injustices minorities face everyday. Gene Noble is a remarkable artist that delivers thought provoking and passionate hits.

Check out his visually stimulating video “Matching Tattoo” below that drops today on Hidden Beach Recordings.

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