New Music: J. Hutton “Take It Easy”


Up and coming artist J. Hutton, is back with his brand new single “Take It Easy” featuring Terrell Morris. The Toronto native is a modern day renaissance man. He plays multiple instruments (saxophone, clarinet, bass guitar) and he is an illustrator (he creates the artwork for his music).  “Take It Easy” is the singer’s fifth release in his unique roll out. J. Hutton’s prior singles include: “No Complaints,” “Twice,” “Pink Couch,” and “Old Fashioned.”

J. Hutton kicks off the track with his unique, soulful voice. His voice evokes a sense of nostalgia while still feeling very current in today’s market. The passion he sings each line with feels like long, colorful brush strokes from a painter on a blank canvas. By the time the hook comes in, you’re wrapped in a lush layered blanket of sound. Terrell’s scratchy, soulful vocals are a perfect match for J. Hutton on this track. This track definitely has us excited to hear what this emerging star has in store for us next.

Get into J. Hutton’s “Take It Easy” below:

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