Atlantic Records emerging artist, IV JAY is hitting the music scene hard with her latest EP, “5TH Element.” The young songbird recently released  her debut EP 5TH Element and can we tell you, it’s no skips for us, and on repeat.  With her unique sound, IV JAY encapsulates classic soulful R&B vocals.

ThisIsRnB’s Unfolded Team sat down recently with the gleeful IV JAY  for fun filled and exciting interview where she discussed ‘5TH Element,’  favorite body of work and artists she would like to collaborate with, pivoting from wanting to be a comedian to music and so much more.

“The meaning behind 5TH Element , IV JAY says ” The Japanese culture had a heavy impact on naming the album, “they have this thing they call the ‘5th Element’, the void and it’s basically things in our everyday life made up of pure energy, and stuff you’re not use to, it’s like magic… and I just thought that was so dope. Cause things made out of pure energy, I feel like every single song is made out of pure energy. I put my all into it. So I was like you know what, that’s the 5th Element right here. And that’s how the idea come together.”

She shared her favorite song with us “No fun” and praises Pink Sweat$ as an “amazing writer. ”

IV JAY took part in our “Name That Song and Artist” game and we’ll give you a hint, Usher is played. Watch the  full interview to see the hilarious game, and to get in on the inside joke.

Watch the full interview HERE.   ‘5TH Element’ Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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