Exclusive: The Hamiltones’ “1964” The Grammys And More


ThisIsRnB sat down for an exclusive and intimate conversation with The Hamiltones members, Tony Lelo and 2E where they discuss the creative process and mindset for their album “1964.” The single “Message to America,” and also provided insight into their journey to stardom, the wonderful experience working and touring with record producer, singer/songwriter Anthony Hamilton, to becoming a Grammy nominated group.

Tony Lelo and 2E participated in our “Write The Hook,” segment, and we can just say they don’t disappoint. Each allowed the other the opportunity to come up with his own hook, creating memorable lyrics coupled with incredible vocals. The fellas also treated us to a soulful rendition of their smash hit  ballad “Best Friend” that you don’t want to miss.

“1964” message in the music with its timely tribute to Civil Rights, and for what’s happening present day. It’s a necessary musical body of work that the world needs to hear and take heed.

Watch our full exclusive interview HERE.  “1964” is available on all streaming platform.


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