Rising R&B superstar, Nevaeh Jolie had a pleasant surprise for her fans over the weekend with the release of her new song, “Sorry I’m High” off her upcoming EP, Game On.

“Sorry I’m High” explores the euphoric feeling of being on the same level with someone and matching intimate vibes.

“I wrote this song on a cloudy day after listening to a whole bunch of the Beatles. I wanted to tell a story like how they would,” said the Def Jam artist. “I thought I’d paint a picture of that feeling when you start spending so much time with someone it starts to feel like their presence is a drug, drowned in emotion. I was just going through flashbacks and started writing them down, how this person made me want to try and be vulnerable and open, and I feel like I did the same for them. It was like a hazy vision.”

The song is just a tease and gives fans and music lovers a quick peek into the emotional ups and downs she is anticipated to deliver with her album.

Check out “Sorry I’m High” below. The song is available for streaming and download on all platforms.

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