Industry News: Pharell Returns for OTHERtone Season Two on Apple Music 1


Pharell returns to Apple Music 1 with show “OTHERtone” season two.

Pharrell joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to announce the return of his bi-weekly OTHERtone radio show, his recent collaboration with Drake, and more.

“OTHERtone” is a glimpse into the minds of our culture’s unicorns and how they think about life, art, and everything in between. Float in the stream of culture alongside Pharrell, Scott Veneer, and Fam-Lay as they link up with the most brilliant spirits from the worlds of music, tech, business, art, and fashion for conversations that are human, inspiring, unexpected, and fun.

Pharell shares  how he approaches the show and says “I never approached this from a journalistic point of view, because I’m not a journalist. That’s a particular skill set. Nor am I a DJ, and I’m certainly not a radio personality. So I tried to use the medium in a way that made sense for me, which was to just have conversations with people and use the opportunity as a crash course into different people’s processes and their just mindset of how you think about things. And so for me, the entire time it’s been school, it’s been education. It was literally about me learning, and that’s literally all I’ve ever done as it pertains to the show, which is now a network. I’m so excited about how OTHERtone itself has inspired me and the additional ground that we can cover in the way that we’ve solved to do such. I’m very excited to share that with you…”

Be sure to check Pharell “OTHERtone” show now on Apple Music 1 every Sunday 3pm/PST 6pm/ET.

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