New Music: Dileesa -“Abide”


Acclaimed vocal coach Dileesa is back with her beautiful new single, “Abide.” For those not in the know, Dileesa amassed thousands of followers from her days on YouTube discussing vocal pedagogy. Her videos analyzing the voices of great singers like Patti Labelle, Beyonce, Brandy and more became viral hits on YouTube. They created so much buzz that featured artist  Patti Labelle commented how incredible it was to hear someone break down her voice from such a technical perspective. As her channel picked up steam, countless people began requesting that she teach voice lessons. Despite initial hesitance, Dileesa eventually conceded and the rest is history. She began training singers around the world including many industry veterans. Her simple and practical approach to instruction helped establish her as a go to vocal clinician around the United States and abroad. With over 17 years of teaching experience, Dileesa is back to remind us that she is just as gifted under the spotlight as she is coaching those in it.

“Abide” is the follow up to her 2020 single “I’m in Love.” The song is a tender, intimate and heartfelt declaration to God that is sure to be a  staple for worship leaders in churches across the world. The acoustic instrumentation  of the song sets the perfect stage for her voice and the song’s lyrics to take front and center. “Abide” finds Dileesa in her vocal sweet spot. Dileesa’s voice is warm and expressive as she  increases in intensity with each passing verse. By the end, her voice blossoms into a declaration of surrender to Christ complete with soul stirring vocals in the bridge and ending ad-libs. “Abide” feels like a privileged peek into a conversation between Dileesa and the Lord that we are fortunate enough to be privy too. This song deserves a spot on your Sunday playlist.

Check out “Abide” below:


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