An Evening With The Shindellas Recap & More


“It’s the intonation for me! The operatic tones are impeccable! The ladies who bring the chills,” are just some of the accurate comments that perfectly described last night’s performance of “An Evening With The Shindellas on Twitch.

The ladies’ voices flowed effortlessly through each song performed and accompanied with a few never before heard backstories. With the musical genius Chuck Harmony from Louis York, being on the ivory keys, that would give you an indication of the intimate evening we were treated to. There were three songs that vocally and harmoniously strikingly stuck out and touched the depths of anyone’s soul that tuned in; “Lullaby,” the angelic sound for “Happy To see You,” and their beautiful rendition of “Santa Baby.”

The Shindellas are in a category by themselves, and truly live up to their new genre, “New American Soul.” They without a doubt encompass what Claude Kelly of Louis York defined as, “it feels like it’s classic in all the right ways, but it feels like it’s the future in all the right way.” We’re glad to see Louis York paving the way for other incredible talented artists with their company ‘Weirdo Workshop.’

Listen to The Shindellas incredible debut album “Hits That Stick Like Grits” below, and be sure to watch their Christmas special out on YoutTube now!

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