Indie R&B Artist Bianca Jade Releases “Everything I’ve Got” Video


Rising Cuban-Jamaican singer and songwriter  Bianca Jade releases a new music video for her hit single, “Everything I’ve Got.”

The Rnb soulstress looks absolutely stunning as she sports classic and elegant looks throughout the video. “Everything I’ve Got”  releases symbolic messages throughout from the beginning with an empowering Diamond-studded power suit inspired by Jazmine Sullivan’s Superbowl outfit. This clearly signifies that Bianca is ready to keep singing beyond any barriers set before her.  In addition to clothing, Bianca uses mirrors as a modem to symbolize self-reflection and overcoming self-doubt.  

Not only is the video visually appealing, but listeners will relate to the lyrics of this inspirational song as it highlights the struggles of trying to accomplish one’s goals.  As the title implies, Bianca is giving it everything she’s got to make it as she faces and overcomes many obstacles along her journey.

Bianca effortlessly and passionately belts out the lyrics to the song which is sure to uplift many others who face similar challenges.

Getting everything I want, Seems so far but I’m grinding and with timing, I’ll get everything I want / Giving everything I’ve got, I won’t stop not done trying no I’m not done” ~ Everything I’ve Got

The inspiring message behind “Everything I’ve Got” aims to motivate other artists as well as herself, to keep the faith and to trust in the process. Pouring her heart and soul into the song is felt with every single note she sings.  She is definitely one to watch as she has many talents and wears many hats, adding a soulful RnB artist to the list is so apropro.

Check out the music video for “Everything I’ve Got” below. “ Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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