Explicit: Indie Artist Too Smoove fuses R&B +Hip-Hop in the new sensational groove “Catch A Vibe”


Rising artist singer and songwriter Too Smoove releases new music featuring singer Ari Cari. The sensual new R&B single Catch A Vibe is the ultimate fusion of R&B and Hip Hop.

The song is about the indescribable, in-your-gut feeling you get about a love interest. From the Spanish guitar that opens up the masterpiece track to the soft, smooth singing and rapping – this catchy tune is a bona fide romance mood setter.

Smoove describes the song as having a connection with somebody and it’s more about the connection than the words. She explains that words are not always able to articulate the vibe that you have with someone. And in this song, it’s more about the pure connection.

The Charlotte, North Carolina native says she received inspiration to write the song after receiving a beat from N.Y. based producer Synema. Known for her lyrical wordplay, the artist poetically takes listeners on a smooth ride as she drifts upon the river of this voluptuous track with passion.

I’m hoping that this song will encourage people to take a moment and sit in that vibe – to acknowledge the indescribable feeling that they feel and enjoy it. People don’t know how to live in the moment, they’re so busy trying to chase the next moment and not realizing how good the moment that there is. Sometimes we don’t see how pure and great the moment can be until it’s too late. Sometimes it will take a bad moment for us to appreciate the good times and it shouldn’t take that,” she says.

Try not to think, don’t think – turn your brain off for a minute and don’t think about what’s happening, just enjoy what’s happening,” Too Smoove adds.

Take a listen to “Catch A Vibe” below and let us now what you think.  Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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