Former Miss Tennessee USA Tucker Nichol is taking mental health seriously in visual for her new single “Over The Edge”


Singer-songwriter, and former Miss Tennessee USA 2010 Tucker Nichol, is back to reclaim her crown. This time, as a reigning R&B songstress using her music to change the stigma around emotional and mental health. This past Friday, the rising star released her second single “Over The Edge” ahead of her upcoming album “Too Close to Home.”

Raised in the music culture of both Detroit and Nashville, the recording artist always knew she wanted to be a singer. And while both cities helped her cultivate an appreciation for all music – it was R&B that she chose as her official genre. Artists like Mariah CareyCarrie Underwood, Amy Winehouse, and the late, great Michael Jackson all inspired her.

Her latest release opens up in a dark and gloomy setting as a slow tempo accompanied by dull and dark timbres set the mood for sadness. It’s an emotion that the pandemic and social isolation forced people to face at the onset of the 2020 pandemic and for many, it’s still their reality in so many ways.

Tucker opens up the song by asking the question “Which version of you will I get?” She continues the storytelling through song with a powerful hook: I’m over the love that you gave only to take it away/ I’m over the way you rub things over my head./I’m over the words you say but you never meant it when you swore/I’m over the edge.” 

It’s a powerful song for a confident woman who understands that love (and in this case, a non-romantic love) is not pain. As mental health continues to be a trending topic – it’s a new, smooth anthem that music lovers can relate to. She’s giving a voice to the resolve that millions have come to in search of peace.

Inspired after having reached an absolute breaking point, the song illustrates the emotional rollercoaster ride that many who are experiencing another person’s toxicity find themselves on until it becomes too unhealthy to sustain. Lyrically, it covers abuse and shows the way toxic experiences can become emotionally crippling when the behavior of a loved one becomes unpredictable and unstable.

As her excitement for the future shines through her resentment of past situations that used to slow her down, the artist exhibits true bravery and self-love. She knows that she should be respected and after walking on eggshells, she changed her focus and walked into her dreams.

With her confident vocal delivery, she introduces an infectious attitude that pairs well with this new chapter in her life. As Tucker is no stranger to the spotlight, she knows what is needed, and “Over The Edge” does not disappoint.

Watch “Over The Edge” below. Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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