Beyoncè “Renaissance Act One” is a Masterpiece!


Beyoncè delivers a masterpiece with her latest Album “Renaissance Act One”!

Beyoncé is paying homage to the incredible artists and as she puts it “Pioneers who originate culture, to all of the fallen angels whose contributions have gone unrecognized for far too long, this is a celebration for you.”

Beyoncé is THAT GIRL! It’s going to take at least six months to a year to fully deep dive and dissect all of the amazing lyrics, and production on the 16 track album.

She has beautifully crafted this masterpiece that resonates with the past, yet is so futuristic. Musically there’s something here for every taste and preference.

The transitions are seamless, vocals controlled and flawless, sonically pleasing with harmonies flowing effortlessly, Beyoncé is the definition of a true artist owning her craft. Making this yet another genius body of work.

The influences and sounds of Prince, Vanity Six, Michael Jackson, Minnie Riperton, Grace Jones, Tina Marie and Donna Summers (just to name a few iconic legends) can be heard throughout the album. Their music will forever continue to thrive and renew our spirt every time we hear their distinct sounds.

We love experiencing Beyoncé and the innovative ways she shares her world with up-and-coming RnB phenomenal artists such as Sabrina Claudio, SYD and more.

Beyoncé delivers nothing but the best, and it shows when she collaborates with some of the world’s top song writers and producers, and it’s recognized when you work with such greats as Drake, The Dream, The Neptunes,No I.D., and of course her muse, her husband, JayZ.

This compilation album has no skips. it is extremely difficult to pick just even a top five because every track is incredible and hits different.

Beyoncé has given so much heart and soul to “Renaissance Act One”, and yes it will take some time to fully digest this amazing meal that she has presented to her royal subjects. This is just the hors-d’oeuvres, and although we are sufficiently suffonsified right now, we are so looking forward to acts two and three!

Until then take a listen to Beyoncé “Renaissance Act One” below. Let us know if you are able to select just a few favorite tracks.

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