Jae Stephens makes Mondays easier with new single, “What’s A Monday?”


Jae Stephens is making her mark in the world of R&B and helping her fans beat the Monday blues with her new single, “What’s A Monday?”.

This is the newest release from the LA-based writer and singer. Stephens is one of four winners of the Issa Rae’s Raedio Creators Program Supported by Google, designed to provide underrepresented independent artists with more resources as well as bring more representation of women of color in the music industry. As a winner, she received funding and resources while maintaining full ownership of the music that she created within the program, as well as a consultation from the Raedio team.

The visual for the track will take you back to the 90s-the good times! The video starts out with a short message, “We shot this on a Monday… Really though,” staying true to the track. Stephens actually reminds you of Aaliyah in the opening scene with her white crop top and her low-riding jeans, while her squad is fixing her makeup and clothes. The video is a mixture of Stephens prepping and doing her shoot while taking selfies. There are also videos that seem to show footage from her journey of recording, working, hanging out with friends, and just living life.

The track is not only about embracing Monday, but also about living life to the fullest. In the chorus, Stephen says, “what’s a monday?.blessed like every day is sunday/can’t complain as long as i’m paid up/every day i wake is a good day”

She also urges everyone to “count your blessings 7 days a week.”

This track is just a fun song, but with a deep message- a reminder for us that our lives are our own, and to enjoy every day. The beat is hot and actually kind of sounds like the hit song “Back That Thang Up,” but slowed down a bit and with some dope vocals on top of it. Stephen’s voice is just, smooth and rides the beat melodically. Need a fun, pick-me-up song? This is the one.

“What’s a Monday?” is available on all streaming platforms.

Take a listen to “What’s A Monday?” by Jae Stephens below:

About Jae Stephens
Jae Stephens is a talented beauty that can write songs and sing them, too. She’s no newcomer to the spotlight. She self-produced and wrote her debut EP “F*ck it, I’ll do it myself” released in 2019. Since then, she’s been in musical collaborations with THEY, VanJess, and Xavier Omar, boosting her portfolio further. Stephens has also written hits for artist such as Matea, Sinead Harnett, Tiana Major9. She’s also graced publications like Noisey, COMPLEX, and FADER with praise.


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