Kevin Ross Premieres “Sweet Release” Live Acoustic on ThisIsRnB and BETSoul!


” I want this to be a dose of euphoria for the audience”

Kevin Ross is a powerhouse R&B sensation for a good reason. He understood the assignment at a time in music when lovers of the true R&B were so disheartened by music that they had to label the songs of top-selling artists as an “acquired” sound just to explain how far off track things had become.

Music critics and R&B fans found themselves listening to music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s at a time when artists like The Temptations, Luther Vandross, and Freddie Jackson brought them relatable music in order to experience R&B.

As the demand was growing for meaningful lyrics and a sound that resonated deep within the hearts and souls of listeners lingered, Kevin Ross showed up as the answer. In March of 2017 with the release of his debut album “The Awakening” on Motown Records, he gave the music industry an album that they have come to know, love, and appreciate.

But singing wasn’t the only genie in his bottle. Ross is also a producer and made a name for himself as an award-winning songwriter as well and has penned hits for Toni Braxton, Johnny Gill, Jamie Foxx, SWV, Trey Songz, and Nicki Minaj.

Ross reveals the live acoustic recording of  “Sweet Release” premiering exclusively here on ThisIsRnB and BETSoul and he’s ushering us into a state of intense excitement and happiness that we never want to escape. His music takes us there! Sweet Release is lifted from Ross’ chart-topping “Drive 2” album.

Accompanied by acoustic guitarists effortlessly strumming the chords as Ross lays down mesmerizing layers of poly vibrant tones in his signature falsetto, delivering a mesmerizing colorful expression of love and, Sweet Release.

When asked what inspired his latest single, Ross tells ThisIsRnB I’ve always envisioned this song being the soundtrack to someone’s drive. I thought it would be dope to sing the live acoustic version in a car versus the typical flat background and stools.”

Sweet release/ Give me a shot (shoot)/ Whipping the pot, never miss/ Girl I got you (you)/ Give me a time to put you in/ For a sweet release/ soon as you come (through)/ I’ll change the way that you make me feel make it sweet (sweet, sweet, aye),” she sings in the soulful, catchy hook.

Ross recently sat down with ThisIsRnB to discuss his “Sweet Release”, his most memorable moment while recording it, and more!

TRNB: What type of impact do you want this song to have on listeners and your fans?

KR: I want this to be a dose of euphoria for the audience. 

TRNB: What is your most memorable moment while recording the live performance of “Sweet Release”?

KR: The most memorable moment could have been an expensive one. We were recording different angles of me in the car, and the car door got stuck. Thank God the owner got it open cause I wasn’t trying to find out how much that was going to cost me. Lol!

TRNB: In real life, what is your ‘sweet release? How do you find respite from daily challenges?

KR: My sweet release would have to be driving, cooking, eating, and resting. I really do enjoy the simplistic things in life. 

TRNB: What are 3 things men and women can do to create intimacy and vulnerability in their relationships? 

KR: 1. Listen to understand, not to respond or react. 2. Be intentional with carving out time (No phones. Just time with each other) and 3. Being open to exploring new things together. 

Watch Kevin Ross’ live acoustic “Sweet Release” below premiering exclusively only ThisIsRnB and BETSoul.

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