Exclusive Premiere: ThisIsRnB-x-Josh X and Lyric Video for “Forever Love”


Josh X is showing men the right way to treat a woman in his new Video release for “Forever Love” 

When Multi-platinum recording artist Josh X started feeling like the world was suffering from a lack of love, he responded to the problem of the day the best way he knows how – with his music. As a songwriter and producer, the secret to his hits is all in the vibes of love, peace, and spirituality that he pours into each and every song.

Having worked with the music industry’s biggest acts like Cardi B, Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz, RickRoss, Lil Wayne and the late Nipsey Hussle Josh X has a voice, a message, and great music that ThisIsRnB.com did not hesitate to amplify across its platform like a music fanatic bumping his favorite songs down the street with the windows rolled down, heavy base and loud music for everyone to hear. It would definitely be worth the ticket for disturbing the peace.

His newest video release “Forever Love” was written with LOVERS in mind. Just two days ago, X turned to social media to let fans know that new music was coming. “This Friday dropping #forever love,” he wrote on his IG page. 

Teasing fans with a snippet, the comments poured in from all over the globe. One fan wrote, “No mistake made,” while another fan commented, “I can’t wait.” 

The video of his latest release “Forever Love” opens up in a mansion as he shares intimate moments with the leading lady in his life. They caress each other in every way, in every room throughout the home as he sings to her – they dance together, hold each other, and show everyone watching how a woman is to be treated. 

Your body Oh so perfect/ No one deserves this but you/ You’re worth it/ My girl you earned this for you/ Forever love, Forever love, Forever love,” he sings. 

It’s a mid-tempo R&B song with just the right interplay of harmonies and sensual lyrics. The type of song that makes every woman feel worthy and deserving of a good man. 

I ain’t tryna tease you/ give you what you need/ I put diamonds on your ring/ Gucci on your sleeve/ got my song on your ringtone/ Didn’t know you sing/ You surprise me every day I gotta match your energy, he raps. 

Josh X spoke exclusively via email with ThisIsRnB’s Jessica Dupree ahead of the release of “Forever Love” about the inspiration for his new music, his journey to becoming a hit producer, and so much more. 

TRNB: What inspired your new hit “Forever Love?” 

Josh X: I really feel like the world is suffering from a lack of love and I truly believe my music can help with that.

Who is it for, why was it written, and what is your overall vision for the song? 

Well the song was written for my …. Never mind you almost got me in trouble lol I wrote this song for lovers 

Please share your journey to becoming a hit producer. What was one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome on your way up the latter? 

I discovered I was a producer when I produced a song for myself and someone paid me for it and I said to myself I got something here . One of my obstacles was my mom got sick and I was about to give up to work to take care of her and almost didn’t get a chance to make it to my big break but God is good Patience some people burn out right before they get to where they need to be. A lot of prayer and faith is how I got here you gotta really believe. 

What makes you unique as a producer?

I’m a musician most producers today can’t say that and being classically trained 

What was it like working with Nipsey Hussle? 

Working with Nipsey was Incredible!  He reached out to me to jump on my song “I Don’t Care” Ft. Ghost Face. I’m a huge fan. We had great convos about music. I feel like In a way I’m an Rnb version of Nip when it comes to independence, but when he told me how much he loves my music that meant a lot. 

How are you using your gift of producing songs to solve problems in the world?  

Xperience lessons a music program I’m developing for kids is going to really be a game changer. I’m big on pouring into the lives of kids and people in general.  I can’t wait to share more about it as it develops.

For more information, Follow Josh X on IG @joshxantus

Check out the exclusive premiere of Josh X’s ” Forever Love”  below.  Officially available tomorrow 11/18 on all digital streaming platforms.


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