Safe Travels Returns With Catchy New Track “Time Don’t Wait”


Rising Artist Safe Travels is back with another catchy bop! In his newest track “Time Don’t Wait,” the R&B/pop-fusion artist combines melodies and notes of harmonious singing and bouncing between the lyrics on the beat. His vocals smoothly flow over this memorable beat and this song shows a new side of him that differs from his previous release, “Listening To Your Heart.” Safe Travels turns things up a notch with this track and displays a side of him that audiences knew he was capable of, but hadn’t heard yet in his latest string of releases.

On the new upbeat track, Safe Travels sings about quite literally the concept of “time” not waiting for anyone. But, on the record, he touches on a bigger message and sings that he wants to at least wait to leave and  “wait til the bottle done,” before the night ends. The song can be described as euphoric, yet calm and easy to listen to. Safe Travels truly positions himself as a one-of-a-kind artist who knows how to appeal to multiple audiences through his storytelling and diverse vocal ability.

Having an ear for music since he was young, Safe Travels is a clearly talented star with a natural aptitude for music. As a singer-songwriter, he takes influence from the greats such as D’Angelo. He would learn to play musical instruments such as the saxophone, piano, and bassoon, and with his penchant for singing, he is the rising star to watch in the music industry.

Be sure to check out “Time Don’t Wait” below:


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