Behind The Scenes: Fantasia Shoots “Lose To Win” Music Video, Talks New Look



Apparently this came out a week ago, just seeing it now. Fantasia invited the AXSLive cameras to her music video shoot for “Lose To Win,” the first single off her forthcoming album Side Effects of You, due April 16. The soulful songstress spoke about the concept of the video and her new style, which is reminiscent of woman such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, with a strong and glamorous look.

She spoke about the new project saying the new album is the most open she has been with her music, “For me, this album is totally different, it’s something I’ve never done before.”

Tasia is only looking for positivity in her life and career now, “What I want people to take from Fantasia now is, as an artist I’m just gonna do me, and whatever comes, comes. I almost lost myself and my life over [industry pressure], but I won’t do that anymore, I live life to the fullest, and as long as I can see [my kids] happy in the morning, I’m good to go.”

Check out the video below…


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