List: The 13 Best R&B Mixtapes/EP’s of 2013



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06. Ro James – Coke, Jack & Cadillacs

Truly a one-of-a-kind, rising crooner Ro James demands and commands your attention. The New York native released his much-anticipated debut ‘Coke, Jack & Cadillacs’ as a three-part series throughout the summer, and through the project brought us into a mysterious world of love, sex, passion, addiction and desire. Ro’s unique vocal, which is a mix of authentic church-bred soul, and the rugged rasp of an experienced traveler, wraps you up and holds tight, smoothly carrying you across each 3-song set. As the ride comes to an end, you can’t help but hope that the Cadillac comes back around the corner to pick you up for another trip, sooner than later. – J.W.

Standout Cuts: “Pledge Allegiance,” “ADIDAS,” “XIX,” “84.”

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05. Elli Ingram – Sober

While most of the United States is still unaware of Elli Ingram, the burgeoning singer’s debut EP ‘Sober,’ makes this list without question. Popping up on the scene with her incredible rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s famed single, “Poetic Justice,” the young songstress had us yearning for more. Keeping up with the amazing sound of the aforementioned song, each cut on the project was mesmerizing in itself. Certainly worth a download and some heavy play, but even more importantly, a top slot on our list. – N.P.

Standout Cuts: “Sober,” “Mad Love,” “Poetic Justice.”

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04. Adrian Marcel – 7 Days of Weak

Anyone that has the cosign of Raphael Saadiq has to be worth a listen, and rising singer Adrian Marcel’s debut mixtape ‘7 Days Of Weak‘ was no disappointment. Hailing from the Bay Area, Marcel represents his hometown well and also brings a lot of his grit and edge to his music through melody and relatable lyrics. The song “My Life” is a definite eyebrow raiser. Instead of following the typical formula of this era, which finds most male R&B singers just singing about getting girls under the sheets, Marcel sings about laying his cards on the table and expressing the love of a woman building him up. With consistency Marcel can very well earn his way into the top spot as he continues to grow his fan base. – M.G.

Standout Cuts: “I’m Still,” “My Life,” “Waiting,” “Killa.”

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Born II Sing Vol III Front Cover

03. Eric Bellinger – Born II Sing Vol. III

R&B newcomer, Eric Bellinger has been taking the music world by storm. Releasing ‘Born II Sing Vol. III‘ as a follow-up to 2011’s second installment, the body of work included 13 tracks of pure R&B. Creating songs for mega artists such as Chris Brown and Usher, the L.A. native has gained much fame from many fans due to the excellent project. Including features from such artists such as Tank, Sevyn Streeter, Problem and more, ‘Born II Sing III‘ was born to be a top contender amongst the best R&B releases of the year. – N.P.

Standout Cuts: “Club Lights,” “What You Want,” “Somewhere,” “Circle of Love.”

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August Alsina Downtown_ Life Under the Gun

02. August Alsina – Downtown: Life Under The Gun

August Alsina made his mark, and became one of the years most notable new stars in 2013. Releasing his second mixtape, ‘The Product 2,’ which was then followed by his debut commercial effort ‘Downtown: Life Under The Gun,’ via Def Jam Records, the New Orleans native finally received national recognition. Skyrocketing to the top of the R&B/Hip-Hop charts with his breakout single, “I Luv This Sh*t,” Alsina landed his first No. 1 hit and instantly become a household name. Both ‘The Product 2‘ and ‘Downtown: Life Under the Gun‘ are deserving of a top spot on this list, because they both contributed greatly to August’s rise. However, we are focusing on the official EP, which proved that he is much more than a one-hit wonder, but a very talented young artist, with depth, heart, an authentic story and lots of raw talent. We hope this is only just the tip of the iceberg for August Alsina. – N.P.

Standout Cuts: “I Luv This Sh*t,” “Downtown,” “Ghetto,” “Let Me Hit That.”

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01. Sevyn Streeter – Call Me Crazy, But…

Sevyn Streeter kicked down all doors with her debut EP! There was great anticipation for Sevyn since she became a sought-after songwriter, known for penning hits for the likes of Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Tamar Braxton, Ariana Grande and more. Those that are familiar with Amber “Sevyn” Streeter know that she has come light years from where she was after being in two girl groups, TG4 and RichGirl. With her debut buzz single “I Like It” it was evident that she was hungry to stand alone and make a lane for herself, and with her following hit “It Won’t Stop” featuring Chris Brown reaching No. 1, she proved all that and more.

Released in early December, ‘Call Me Crazy, But…” is a 7-song EP that has left all of us itching for more from the young star. It’s safe to say that this EP could’ve easily passed for an album, but with her official debut LP already in the works for 2014 the only place for Sevyn to go is up! – M.G.

Standout Cuts: “It Won’t Stop,” “Sex On The Ceiling,” “B.A.N.S.,” “nEXt.”

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Honorable Mentions:

Candi Kush – Live From The Smokers Room
Bridget Kelly – Cut To…Bridget Kelly
Omarion – Care Package 2
Kevin McCall – Definition

There were many great releases this year. Don’t see your favorite here?? Tell us in the comments section below!!


  1. californiasoul 10 years ago

    Yes!!! I love a good R&B mixtape! RT “ThisIsRnB: Look! The 13 Best R&B Mixtapes/EP’s of 2013 #supportRnB”

  2. Tinashe 10 years ago

    ThisIsRnB thanks for listing me but next year I’m tryna be #1!! ;)

  3. JuliaHill_ 10 years ago

    Tinashe ThisIsRnB you go girllll ! Keep up the good work missy ! Much love & respect from France xx

  4. Dmackswagger 10 years ago


  5. bwilliamsmusic_ 10 years ago

    callmedollar (ThisIsRnB) Where’s the list of Indie Singles? Lol!!

  6. callmedollar 10 years ago

    RTbwilliamsmusic__:callmedollarr ThisIsRnBB) Where’s the list of Indie Singles? Lol!!

  7. JJ 10 years ago

    Flop. Cassie should be #1. Easily the best R&B project of the year.

  8. ksmith 10 years ago

    So yall jus gonna act like Justin Beiber didn’t shit on everybody this year, MUSICALLY…

  9. Jun 10 years ago

    Damn this website has the most subjective ranking i’ve ever seen .
    Not kbjective at all, the ranking are so random , or maybe they are giving some promotion to their friends ? Anyway what a flop.

  10. SDonthetrack 10 years ago

    As far as EPs/Mixtapes, the biggest omission I can think of is Cocaine 80’s – The Flower of Life EP. Maybe some people don’t consider it R&B. I’m not sure how. Also, I think Kiah Victoria’s “Gravitate” and Janine and The Mixtape deserve some recognition. Tinashe’s work was deserving of a higher ranking too. I completely disagree with the rankings, but most of these tapes…at least 10 deserve to be on this list.

  11. witness3rd 10 years ago

    lol some people below have the worst taste.  hahaha
    put them wherever but I like how the (staff) put me onto some new artists.
    in no particular order;
    banks – london ep 

    kelela – cut 4 me ep

    estelle – love & happiness vol1 + 2 ep

    theres a few more but those three esp sh*tted on the game.  real music right there and definitely the movement of that newer ‘trap rnb’ or synthetic rnb.

  12. DopeSwag 10 years ago

    thease mixtapes lameeeee get more

  13. Ang Violet 10 years ago

    omg cassie’s mixtape was trash, except for paradise. Jhene is the best

  14. OsaGz 10 years ago

    Cassie’s mixtape was a hot mess. Omarion’s Care Package 2 is the BOMB

  15. usown 10 years ago


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