Beyoncé, Jay Z, Rihanna & Kanye West Nab ‘Ebony’ Summer Music Covers



It’s the Roc in here!

Say what you will about each respective artist and their personal dwellings, but you can’t deny that Roc Nation headman Jay Z, top diva Beyoncé, bad girl Rihanna and outspoken Kanye West aren’t running the game.

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Gracing the front covers of EBONY, the hardworking group prove to the world why nobody’s messing with their clique. Aptly titled “The Diva,” Beyoncé looks flawless on her Summer Music Special Edition. Rihanna, accompanied by her blonde tresses, was captioned “The Rebel,” while Hov went by “The Mogul” and Ye as “The Poet”.

Found in the June 2014 issue, EBONY highlights Black Music Month with the collectors editions of the magazine. The “Summer Music Special,” of the famed magazine, hosts a 25-page spread praising the four cover artists and other leaders in the industry.

Revealing each cover on Instagram, EBONY stated:

In celebration of Black Music Month, EBONY magazine pays tribute to the industry’s leaders, pioneers and game changers. Inside the June issue, EBONY honors both the present-day success stories and the giants who paved the way. The issue is a four-cover series, with Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna gracing the covers as a salute to their unprecedented impact on Black music.

Also throwing her own personal comments in, Rihanna took to Twitter to state:

With four amazing covers to choose from, it’s gonna be hard deciding which one to pick up when they hits stands tomorrow. Either way, make sure you cop that!

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