Emerging Artist: Jordan Bratton – ‘Cold Killer’



It’s very rare that I post now-a-days, not cause there isn’t any cool sh*t out there, but because I’m running around like a maniac as of late, and if I don’t do it when it’s fresh on my mind, I kinda don’t… But yo, after this performance I saw last Thursday, I’m making it a point to share my latest newly found favorite record. It comes from an 18 year-old by the name of Jordan Bratton, hailing from West Hempstead, Long Island.

While standing around a rehearsal studio sipping a heineken and checking out the rising star’s set, I was amazed by the showmanship and his command of your attention, whether you were in the mood to be entertained or not, you just found yourself tapping or dancing along.  Jordan delivers a really smooth and cool sound, which is the best and simplest way I can describe it.

Below is “Cold Killer” the song that made me a believer, but definitely check out his debut project titled The Grey Area, which includes a song produced by Grammy Award winner 88-Keys.

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