Indie: B. Star Releases Debut Mixtape ‘L.I.A.R. (Living In America’s Reality)’


B. Star Mixtape

Indie artist B*Star makes a bold statement with his debut mixtape ‘L.I.A.R. (Living In America’s Reality).’ The Bronx, NY bred rapper/singer believes in not only speaking for himself within his music but exploring other perceptions that may differ from his.

As a self-claimed “perceptionist,” he aims to expand the views of others by hopefully presenting situations that they may have not been aware of before. For B*star, music isn’t only about rhyming words over a “good beat,” he believes in the vocals and music living amongst each other in harmony. In his eyes music is much more than sound, but rather an art form that impacts lives.

Stream and download his mixtape below:

For more info follow B*Star on Twitter and Instagram.

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