New Music: Dave Hollister – Spend The Night



Old school R&B belter Dave Hollister is gracing us with another hit. Taking R&B back to its roots, the veteran singer comes hard with his new single, “Spend The Night“.

Giving us the supreme sound from the 90’s R&B, the latest track is reminiscent of classic Dave material. Singing out, “Diamonds may be forever, but they’ll never outshine our love,” his lyrical ambition and incredible vocals are just two of the reasons why we love Dave oh so much.

Take a listen to “Spend The Night” next:

  1. john 9 years ago

    Dope!! Dave Still got it. Dis is fire!!

  2. Jason H 9 years ago

    Dave thank you for once again being the voice of the laid back brothers with nothing but the honest thoughts coming from our mouths

  3. mclevit 9 years ago


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