Listen! Teedra Moses Releases New EP ‘California Vibes’!



R&B maven Teedra Moses has been keeping fans on edge as they await her album Cognac & Conversations, but in true holiday season fashion, she’s dropped a little something for them to hold on to.

Releasing the 5-track EP titled California Vibes, the singer-songwriter brought in her birthday and an early Christmas just right. Filled with the sounds the lovable sounds and vocals that makes Teedra one of the most talented and fulfilling artists of her generation, California Vibes is a great refresher of why Teedra’s talented needs more praise.

Take a listen to the new project below!

  1. reecole 8 years ago


  2. tish 8 years ago

    aw man i love her so much but these songs are not doing it for me

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