Trey Songz Reveals Details on ‘Trigga Reloaded’ & Next Album ‘Tremaine’



Trey Songz has always been one of the hardest working R&B artists in the game, but he is looking to turn it up another notch this year. Currently traveling North America with Chris Brown on their joint “Between The Sheets” tour, the Grammy nominated singer has just launched his partnership with SX Liquors, and is prepping for the re-release of 2014’s Trigga, named Trigga: Reloaded.

In addition, Trey has plans to tour Europe with Nicki Minaj later this spring, and then hit the road on his own solo tour in promotion of his next album Tremaine, which he hopes to release at the end of the year.

While in NYC promoting his partnership with SX Liquors last week, the R&B star shared some details about his next projects, and the new addition to his family.

“With ‘Trigga Reloaded,’ I wanted to give records like “Slow Motion” and other records that I had no place for a home. I didn’t feel they belong on ‘Tremaine,’ and I wanted more people to hear ‘Trigga,'” stated Songz.

He continued: “April 14 is when ‘Trigga Reloaded’ will come out, and towards the end of the year I will be pushing forward to ‘Tremaine,’ and I also have another tour.”

About his seventh LP Songz says, “It’s just another layer of myself. The ‘Tremaine’ album will kind of be like the base of what my career started as. In music now, in R&B and hip hop, I feel like it’s easy to make women feel sexy and be a bad bitch, but I feel like the ‘Tremaine’ album will kind of put women on the pedestal again, and show that it’s cool to love, it’s cool to want to be romantic, it’s cool to want to be in a relationship.”

“Tremaine and Trigga is the duality of that man that is Trey Songz, ” KWL Management SVP, Roe Williams, added. “Tremaine takes care of his family, he’s vulnerable, he falls in love, and Trigga flies above the fray, he has one-night stands, for a lack of a better term.”

With such a loaded schedule, one can only wonder how Trey can manage it all, but the R&B singer says things usually balance out for him.

“When the tour was postponed that we’re on right now, the day of the first show my first nephew was born. Though it was devastating, because I was in go mode… I got this beautiful blessing in my nephew, and it kind of sums up the whole spectrum of what my career has been as far as balance is concerned,” said Songz. “My mother says I put Trey Songz before Tremaine, but she says I put my family before Trey Songz. I am the man of my family, I do take on a lot of responsibility, but God makes it work. When I need a break, it kind of just happens. I used that blessing with my nephew, because that’s two weeks I spent at home with my brother, who is a new father, with my mother, who is a new grandmother; I wouldn’t have seen my nephew for two and a half months.”

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  1. jamila 9 years ago

    This was a great interview, loved it! Can’t wait for the Tramaine album to be released, I miss the romantic side of Trey.

  2. The Unknown 9 years ago

    It’s Tremaine

  3. jamila 9 years ago

    You’re right lol

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