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Zendaya slays once again!

Multi-talented actress, platinum selling recording artist, and newly named COVERGIRL, Zendaya just released a video for “Neverland,” one of the stand out songs featured on Finding Neverland The Album. It’s the official musical companion to the acclaimed Broadway production of Finding Neverland, and features some of music’s top stars re-imagine the show’s songs.

“Neverland” finds Zendaya crossing paths with a magical Bryan Cranston as she performs a song on stage that she could only dream about. The video highlights Zendaya’s soft voice and hard hitting dance moves, choreographed by Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Ian Westwood, to transport us to the song in her dreams.

After being mesmerized by her performance, Cranston reminds Zendaya that in order to succeed in the entertainment business, “you need a hook.”

“I am so excited to tell the story of Neverland through my own lens,” says Zendaya. “It was an honor to act alongside Bryan Cranston, and so great to reunite with Maks and Ian, who both helped bring a cool and edgier vibe to the video through their choreography.  I hope my fans are as inspired by Neverland as I was inspired by Finding Neverland on Broadway.”

Finding Neverland The Album assembles an all-star line-up to interpret sings from the hit Broadway production including Rita Ora, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Trey Songz and many more.

Watch the video below!

  1. Rebecca Anne Gomez 8 years ago

    Wow! I’m so glad I read this post. I’ve always loved Zendaya she is amazing! I would love for her and Jasper Sawyer to do a duet together.

  2. comeonson87 8 years ago

    I fuckin love this girl! Smart and talented as hell! I just hope she does Rnb over pop, that was a pretty voice. I’m tryna sound manly now I enjoyed that shit too much. Low key though I’m about to hit the replay button lol. So serious!

  3. 88 8 years ago

    Not Bad I’m just not a fan of her feather weight voice.

  4. John 8 years ago

    Zendaya you are the best! I loved you in Shake it up (when I was working with kids I was forced to watch this, but it was a good show), I love how you carry yourself as a young woman, and I love that you were the host of T-Boz’s sickle cell event. Keep doing your thing girl. Much love and respect!!

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