New Music: Ambré Perkins feat. Kehlani – No Service in The Hills



When Ambré Perkins and Kehlani team up, it’s always lit!

Serving us their version of trap soul on “No Service in The Hills,” the TSNMI family create a song that tells fans exactly who they do this music thing for and why they stay true to themselves. Produced by longtime Ambré collaborator, Erick Bardales, both singers deliver verses over a drum heavy production about keeping fake people out of their circle and not letting the haters get them down.

The duo harmonize on the chorus singing, “You know what I stand for / Drop a song we ain’t even gotta plan for it / N**gas hating’ but don’t trip, I got the man for it / We could win, we just really need a chance for it / They ain’t really tryna see us, man who can really see us / I swear they just wanna be us, but we just tryna see us.”

“The song obviously can be interpreted many different ways, but for me, when I was writing I was thinking about friendship, loyalty, and the journey in following my dreams,” Perkins told The FADER. “A lot of times we think too far ahead into the future and don’t appreciate how far we’ve gotten. So this song is about that. And family. And friends. And being down for your people no matter what happens or who has anything to say about it.”

This is the first new song released by Ambré since her 2090’s project, which dropped in April.

Check out their confident collabo below.

Words by Jamila Wright

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