Smokey Robinson Discusses Motown, Playing Music During Segregation Days and How He Got His Name on ‘The Breakfast Club’



Motown legend Smokey Robinson stopped by the Breakfast Club on Friday (Oct. 21) and dropped some major knowledge. The iconic singer/songwriter was there to discuss his new skincare line, but of course he went in-depth on a lot of topics, including how Berry Gordy founded Motown records and started a musical revolution, what it was like to be an artist playing gigs in the south during the days of segregation, writing over 4,000 songs and much more.

At Motown they had artist development regardless of how many hits you had, a few times a week you had to go to class to show them how to be an artist. They used to have battles and would bring people in off the street to see which songs they liked best before they released them. He has known Diana Ross since she was 7 and has known Aretha Franklin since he was 8.

Speaking about the days of segregation, Smokey explained how they couldn’t use the bathrooms when they went down south, they were shot at, couldn’t stay in hotels. He recently discovered that his father ran away from home when he was 12 after stabbing a white boy while defending himself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know any of his father’s family.

Smokey shared his views on music today, and what and who he listens to. He revealed that he has spoke with Nelly about doing something together, he recently worked with Pharrell on a song for a movie, but it didn’t make the cut. He also addressed if we are going to get a Smokey Robinson movie.

Watch the full interview below.

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