Listen: DJ Reg West Presents: ‘The Ice Breaker Vol 2: Cheater’s Edition’


It’s common practice for Valentine’s Day to inspire DJs to create playlists for the bedroom and lover’s activities. So, every year we often feature some mixes for folks to get down to, especially if the concept is unique.

Giving us something to put on and let play through today is New York’s DJ Reg West, who has put together a special R&B mix under the title ‘The Ice Breaker Vol. 2: Cheater’s Edition.’

Speaking about the mix Reg said: “This is a fun roller coaster ride of music you’ve danced to, sung to or for some of you, cried to.”

Filled with R&B classics primarily from the ’90s and ’80s, along with some unique blends, this V-Day mix gets the stamp of approval from us!

#PressPlay below!

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