Indie: David Wayne Releases Brand New EP ‘Baptism’


Indie artist David Wayne has made a fresh re-introduction with the release of his third studio EP, Baptism.

The Baltimore-bred, New York based artist showcases his braggadocios side while balancing his strengths as a sensual songwriter across the 6-track project. While the title may give the impression of a purifying new beginning, the album explores a theme of young adulthood through partying, sex, and self-reflection, with a R&B/Trap soundscape.

David previously released the promo singles, “Twisted” and “Trill Livin,” both of which he premiered right here on ThisisRnB, and showcase a poignant example of his blend of modern R&B with a Trap edge. On the EP’s opening song, “The Baddest,” Wayne sets the tone with a slightly dark and murky production, while he alerts listeners to the type of women he pulls and about his skill in the game. “I’m that light-skinned ni**ga that show up / To the club and take your bitch, I don’t need no rings or chains / I stay low key but they won’t let me be,” he sings.

Throughout the project, David borrows from his inspiration of the New Jack Swing era and blends his own vocal stylings based around smooth R&B with throbbing 808s. His signature melody and harmony construction may be best witnessed on the sex-drenched, falsetto led “Scream,” where he paints a sexually vivid scene under the covers. “You talk a lot, now it’s time to prove it / Show me what that can really do / Serve it to her like some good food,” he sings.

David Wayne’s Baptism is available on all digital platforms now! You can stream it for free via Soundcloud below.

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