SZA Love Galore

SZA Reveals the Meaning Behind “Love Galore”


SZA Love Galore

Still on a high from the release of Ctrl?

Luckily for us, SZA sat down with Genius for their ‘Verified’ series to discuss the meaning behind her certified hit “Love Galore.” She starts the interview by classifying the song as a “relaxed, tropical bop.”

To Solana, “Love Galore” is a song all about the range of emotions you go through when you realize that you’re getting played by a guy. In the song she even admits some truths about herself. She talks about having a sharp tongue that’s hard to come back from when she’s angry. And how yes, she has dated girls before.

She concludes the sit down by summarizing the song as a representation of how she got her feelings hurt but bounced back stronger and better than before.

Watch the interview below.

-Words by Jamila Wright

  1. Derrick Smith 4 years ago

    I just want to say THANK YOU to SZA for explaining the lyrics to the” Love Galore” song. I find the tune and her beautiful voice very catchy and intriguing. The video initially bothered me due to how it ended but now I get the picture. Thank you Jamila Wright.

  2. EDRICKA Myles 4 years ago

    Thanks SZA For You’re Awesome Song However As Soon As I Heard This Song I Felt And Knew What The Meaning Was My Emotions Had Done Already Set In The Vibe And Somehow Figured It Out “ I’m A Music Person I Know Music When I Hear It “ I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH MAN “ Like I Told My Man I’m Not Going Through Anything At This Point Because I’m In Love I Love My Husband ‘ But I Just Can RELATE TO EVERYTHING SHES SAYING AND ABOUT TO SAY ON 7 Occasions Lol U Really Made This Song Sound So Good Actually One Of My Top Favorites , Thanks Again For Sharing It With Us Love ??? I Love You

  3. La'Dallas Benson 3 years ago

    I loved this song and sung it regularly in the car but after listening to a discussion about the meaning behind it I feel I little misplaced. The butter flies used in this video are the same ones used in the movie Before I Wake and other movies that are used for mind controlling and evil spirits. The words to the song may mean that but this video is not that simple. The song is about being played and you didn’t get over it and you gave his soul to the devil.

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