R. Kelly Previews New Song “Born To My Music” with Tyrese on Guitar


R. Kelly is letting the music speak. The R&B legend’s personal life and allegations of sexual misconduct filled headlines last year, but Kellz is staying positive, while also celebrating his own contributions to people’s lives too.

In a series of in-studio video clips that he posted to his social media, the singer/songwriter has previewed a brand new song called “Born To My Music.” Joined by singer/actor Tyrese in the clips, the two pretend to play guitars while the music plays in the background.

“Y’all thought I was playing? 2018…its a wrap. ?,” wrote Kelly on Instagram. Adding, “@tyrese I don’t think they ready?! #borntomymusic ?.”

Robert is quite aware and honored that many listen to his music in the bedroom and he can confidently say that a lot of ’90s babies were even made to his music.

“I heard people say, that come what may, you are the king / And it feels so good to hear them say your music has touched me,” he sings. “Here’s to all the ’90s babies, single mothers and daddy’s babies / Whether rich or whether poor, this is who this song is for / Cause I know that you were born to my music … Generations, populations, you were born to my music.”

Later he adds, “I feel so blessed to be apart of all your memories / So grateful to be apart / Touching the whole world’s heart.”

This past Saturday (Jan. 6), R. Kelly surprised the Microsoft Theater audience in Los Angeles when he came out to perform a quick set during Xscape’s final show of “The Great Xscape Tour.” It appears the singer has new music on the way this year.

  1. Anonymous 3 years ago

    R Kelly music has always been a favorite of mine very vocal. I enjoy listening to him almost made an 90′ baby from his music. But it was always the mood music. THANK kells for making great music.

  2. Camila 3 years ago

    Cant wait for the new song.

  3. ENTERTAIN NDANGOH 3 years ago

    The only remaining music legend alive,please God just let this one leave for some more years.

  4. Morgan Yilo 3 years ago

    R. Kelly grew me up, i stil listen to his great albums even today. The King of Rn’b…… Haters look what you have done…. I love his two songs “I had a dream & i’m bearly breathing”

  5. I love r kelly 3 years ago

    R Kelly music is the true essence of rnb …. We can’t stop listening to his music.

  6. fashakin John 3 years ago

    I can’t even go a day with listening to the king of rnb songs

  7. Gyuve Upurugh 3 years ago

    No stopping when it comes to R Kelly.
    His music is unique. No doubt the haters re at him.. He is my very first inspiration. R Kelly is a global household name.

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