Jade Novah All Blue

Listen: Jade Novah Releases New Single “All Blue”


After teasing the track on social media to widespread fan excitement, singer, actress, and social influencer Jade Novah unveils her brand new single “All Blue” today.

Over a sultry drum beat and dreamy instrumentation, her powerhouse voice immediately takes hold. The vocalist’s spunky verses build towards a sweeping and soaring refrain that showcases her expansive range. She sings, “I got my head up in the clouds again / It’s all blue.”

Jade made big headlines this week when Cardi B co-signed her soulful cover of “Be Careful” on social media. The clip quickly amassed 3 million views.

“All Blue” paves the way for the arrival of Jade’s new album of the same name, which is due out soon via Empire.

Take a listen below.

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