Beyoncé & JAY-Z Share Risqué Photos in “On The Run II” Tour Book


There was once a time when it was nearly impossible to see personal photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The Carter’s were notoriously silent during the early social media days, where other artist’s fully embraced the approach of an open curtain into their daily life. In the case of the superstar couple though, this became a dangerous game with ambitious paparazzi who would go above and beyond legal means to snap an exclusive shot of them on vacation. Although they have yet to really get into Instagram or Twitter as a daily connection with fans, Beyoncé and her team did something even better with her personal photo diary which is published on her website. Fans have been given a look (a curated one) into their amazing personal and professional adventures, in a way that had not been seen before by artists of their caliber.

Taking that fan love approach up a notch, Queen Bey and Jay-Z have created a limited edition photo book as a special piece of memorabilia for their recently launched “On The Run II Tour.” Kicking off June 6 in Cardiff, U.K., Beyoncé shared a ton of photos from the opening night concert on her website. But, it wasn’t until their second show in Glasgow on Saturday (Jun. 9) did photos from the tour book begin to surface on social media. Fans took photos of their personal copies and uploaded them to Instagram and the internet nearly broke.

While many of the pictures included in the large book are fashion leaning or stunningly beautiful scenes, there are others that feature the Carters in very risqué moments. Two of the shots show them naked in bed together, one with Bey totally nude and curled up in a fetal position next to a topless Jay-Z. Another shows Jay smoking while Beyoncé lays next him reading a newspaper wearing only a thong. The superstar’s rear end plays a major role in many of the photos, including another shot that shows her naked from behind and looking into the ocean at dusk.

Overall, the book is grand and artful. However, the revealing nudity of some of the shots has sent fans into arguments over if it was necessary, or if she went too far showing her body. Take a look at the slideshow via Instagram below.

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OTRII Tour Book ??? ?

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  1. RepRightSongs 3 years ago

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are just simply the biggest power couple there is. I think it works out so perfectly because they realize the stress of being away from each other a lot because of their careers. When they are together, I am sure that it is the best time of their lives they have with one another. When they are away, I can see them both missing each other so much but at the same time having respect for one another completely understanding how that time away is being used.

    A lot of couples out there don’t last in relationships when time apart is a consistent thing because they are both too selfish knowing that they think they are doing more than the other for the household. Beyonce and Jay-Z however are doing the equal amount which makes it perfect this way

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